Beau Jardin Premium 18 Barbecue

The Beau Jardin Premium 18 Barbecue is drinkable and easy to assemble with step-by-step instructions (Spanish language not guaranteed). Simply adjust the vent damper to whatever grill condition you desire. You will love the superior smoky flavor and then you will enjoy your wonderful meal of mignon steak, burgers, steaks, chickens, mince, turkey, summer squash, onion, asparagus and shrimp.

The materials contained in this barbecue allow, with its porcelain coating, that the heat is preserved and that the food is well cooked, giving it that smoky flavor that we like so much. In addition, this coating allows cleaning to be easier and food does not stick to the grill.

Features of Beau Jardin Premium 18

Color: black.

Size: 18 » wide by 34 » tall.

Material: Thick porcelain enameled steel.

Cooking area: 18 » diameter (255 square inches)

Assembly required: Yes.