On this occasion, in this article we bring up a list of 3 DSLR Microphones that work well with these cameras, whether they stand out in their design, construction, mode of use, quality or price or perhaps all these attributes in one.

Comica CVM-V30 PRO

The Comica V30 Pro is a great external shotgun style microphone made to enhance your audio when recording video. It is an excellent low-cost alternative. Its technical specifications match favorably with many of the microphones in this category.

-Low-cut filter and 10 dB sensitivity adjustment: The CVM-V30PRO lightweight microphone has low-cut filter function and 10 dB sensitivity adjustment. You can choose the low-cut mode when you are in the noisy environment and can adjust the sensitivity from -38 dB to -28 dB according to your needs.
-Excellent shock absorption: shock-resistant structural design which can effectively reduce the vibration noise. Which can avoid the instability noise during video recording and provides your video with more excellent voice.
-The CVM-V30 PRO shotgun microphone is giving excellent off-axis rejection for desired sounds, which can effectively reduce the surrounding environment noise to be picked up.
-It is compatible with all cameras that come with 0.138 in audio input connector. The 1/4 external port design can help you mount the microphone to your camera easily.

Westshell 2.4Ghz

Widely used for YouTube live broadcasting, Vlog recording, interviews, programs, podcast, presentations, etc.

-2.4G wireless microphone: the wireless microphone system transmits in 2.4GHz open global wireless frequency band, there are 8 × 2 optional channels to avoid interference, transmit dual frequency at the same time, no delay or or signal loss, effective range reaches 196.9 ft, provides higher quality audio performance.
-High quality audio quality: the wireless lavalier microphone uses 24 bit/48 kHz sample rate and offers a full frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz which transmits clear high quality lossless digital audio signal, reproduces pure voice with low noise and latency.
-1 key to operate, simple but functional: the wireless microphone system is very easy to use.
-Long working time: it can work for 9 hours after fully charged.
-Universal wireless microphone system: this wireless microphone receiver system has 0.2in plug which works with mixer, PA speaker and amplifier. Once the 6.5 to 3.5 adapter is connected, you can connect the receiver to any mobile device with 1/8 inch connector, such as DSLR camera, digital camera, computer, laptop, iPad and smart phones.

Moukey MCM-1

-Universal compatibility: fits most DSLR cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, iPhone and Android smartphones, tablets, laptops.
-High quality built-in cardioid condenser capsule, achieves supreme audio recording when used with various DSLR cameras.
-Unidirectional microphone, mainly sensitive to sounds in front of the camera and can reduce background noise, suitable for interviewing, vlogging, etc.
-Aluminum body, protect sound recording quality from interference by high level of radio frequency.
-Features shock-absorbing bracket, effective to minimize unwanted vibration, handling noise.