ELLIS SCHOFIELD Charcoal Grill Barbecue

It is an easy to use grill, it does not need installation, portable barbecues allow this. When you’re barbecuing outdoors, simply lower the folding legs to start cooking. There are also wrist straps on both sides of the grill for easy portability. It is designed with ventilation holes at both ends of the grill so that the air flow can be easily controlled and the heat is evenly distributed on the grill. The small one is suitable for 2-3 people, the large one is suitable for 5-6 people.

In addition, its price is really cheap and allows each family that loves barbecues to have one, since versatility to make barbecues with friends and family is good.

ELLIS SCHOFIELD Charcoal Grill Barbecue Benefits

Portable barbecues allow them to be carried anywhere to cook meals with that typical and classic flavor. Its cheap price allows each person to access this flavor and the experience that cooking with friends and family produces.

For its price it has a considerable quality, I definitely recommend this portable barbecue.