Gizomos tripod was designed to support 6 kg. Made of carbon fiber, for DSLR digital cameras, with quick release plate and ball head. The advantages of this type of material (carbon fiber) is that it makes it more resistant, and also does not rust.

The Gizomos is lightweight and portable, it is a high-quality tripod that fits in carry-on luggage and backpacks, ideal for traveling companions. It has a folded length of 35cm, its minimum height is 35cm and the maximum height is 137cm. It weighs 1 kg.

Gizomos Tripod Features

Material: Carbon fiber
Minimum height: 35 cm
Maximum height: 137 cm
Folded length: 35 cm
Supported weight: 6 kg
Sections: 5
Weight: 1 kg


In short, this tripod is really useful for people who need a tripod to travel or are lovers of photography, since it is very light, it can be carried anywhere, in addition, its price is really cheap and its quality is good.