The Ninja Air Deep Fryers is a versatile indoor electric grill. It has cyclonic grill technology that delivers grill marks and charred flavors like an outdoor grill, and customers love its sleek design.

This smokeless indoor grill, but more importantly, it’s not just a grill, it’s a multifunctional grill that makes it stand out. With its dehydrating, grilling, air frying and baking functions, it gives that convenience to the kitchen that everyone is always looking for.

This is a good choice of deep fryer and more so now that these are currently standing out, without the need for oil and making every meal healthier and lower in fat.

Features Ninja Air Deep Fryers

-Dimensions: 12 x 18.8 x 10.5 inches.
-Weight: 14.5 lbs.
-Power: 1760 watts.
-Material: Stainless steel.
-Cyclonic air of 500°F.
-Grills, air fries, bakes and dehydrates.
-5.7 liter capacity.
-Cyclonic grill technology.
-Removable pieces with non-stick ceramic coating.
-Smoke-free system.
-Digital display to select the cooking mode.

-Multiple cooking functions.
-Cyclonic grill technology.
-Non-stick coating.
-Good design.
-Easy to operate due to its digital controls.
-No smoke production.


Without a doubt, the Ninja Air Deep Fryers are a good choice for any person or cook who wants a multi-purpose grill. Cooking a dish in different ways but in an excellent way. Its design is good, compact and ideal for any kitchen and also very easy to use, making all meals with a unique cooking.