Making the decision to find the perfect cell phone for your needs and money is sometimes complex and among a variety of so many types it is difficult to choose, so in this blog I will recommend the best cell phones that you can find on the market.
Among the different brands and components are classified in low, medium and high range in which I will give information on which cell phones I recommend according to the range, giving the benefits and why it is good


There are two models of this phone version: the P20 lite, which is very economical, and the P20 Pro version, which competes with medium and high-end phones for its price and quality.


A very versatile and economical cell phone in which you get a very good quality for a good price.

In addition, it competes with mid-range cell phones and the best thing about cell phones is its ergonomics and beauty, in addition to being very similar to the Iphone X in its design.

Positive aspects of the P20 Lite

-The design is really good.
-Your camera is very good in terms of price.
-It has a good memory and for daily use it complies with it.


It is one of the mobile stars of Huawei thanks to its triple rear camera. But the differences go further, like the experience with this terminal that meets and is versatile in terms of its speed and of course in your camera.

Positive aspects of the P20 Pro

-Good resolution screen to watch videos and movies.
-Triple camera that allows you to take photos at professional levels.
-Battery with good duration.
-Good price compared to the competition.


In summary, I recommend this cell phone since it is one of Huawei’s star products thanks to its quality and good price compared to the competition, it also has an excellent camera and is a very aesthetic cell phone that has an android system and has access to the App Store of Google.