The Yotto Phone Mic, first, the audio quality compared to the phone’s built-in microphone is far superior. It allows the user to not have to put the phone so close to the mouth of the person being interviewed or it is simply good for creating your own content. You can also use this microphone to record a speech, an interview.

The microphone comes with a nice case for clean and easy storage and has a very long cable for ease of use. And the phone picks up the microphone instantly and is ready to use without changing any settings. The microphone has several configuration modes including noise filtering and zero or minus ten dB settings. The microphone can be used to filter noise and to adjust the db to zero or minus ten. It is a great little microphone can be used for many interviewing and content creation needs.

Features Phone Mic

-Compatibility: this clip-on lavalier microphone is specially designed for Type-C devices: Samsung/Huawei/LG/OPPO/VIVO/Google/Pixel/OnePlus/Note10, etc.
This small microphone is compatible with various C-connector devices, such as laptops, Macs, notebooks, smartphones and other USB Type-C enabled devices.
-Omnidirectional microphone: the clip-on USB C microphone uses 360┬░ omnidirectional pickup pattern. Ideal for interviews, YouTube vlogs, live broadcasts, FaceTime, Skype, Stream, Voice Over, video conferencing, vocal, dictation, podcasting, GoPro, conferencing, voice tape, wedding video.
-Port conversion: this is a USB-C female to USB-B male adapter. By inserting the adapter into an available standard USB port, it can be converted to a USB-C port.
-Plug and use: the USB C microphone for video recording is easy to use, just plug into your phone and start recording. No adapters, no battery, no app needed.
-What comes with: 1 USB-B adapter, 1 lavalier microphone, 2 wind shields, 1 lapel clip, 1 leather pouch, 1 manual.


Undoubtedly, this lapel Phone Mic is ideal for improving the audio quality in future recordings of smartphones with USB type C input, adapting to the newest cell phones on the market. Becoming an excellent choice for video conferencing or interviews, social media vlogs, YouTube videos, etc. also giving an excellent touch in quality to the creation of content.