The Zowie FK2 is the improvement of the FK1 that have notable improvements in its size, going from 128mm to 124 mm and it is also less heavy, it has a weight of 85g and its design is very ergonomic since it has an ambidextrous design with 7 buttons and a Polling Rate of 125,500,1000 Hz. What stands out the most about the Zowie FK2 is its price that is really economical and offers gaming features that are really very useful.

The mouse, although it looks like a normal mouse, has the best mountable pushbuttons, something you see on any decent mouse. And for FPS games, this one works especially well.

Zowie FK2 Features

  • Two thumb buttons on both sides to comfortably serve left- and right-handed users.
  • Perfect lift-off distance; Plug and play (No driver needed)
  • Easy to switch between left- and right-hand functionality.
  • 400/ 800/ 1600/ 3200 DPI adjustment.
  • Adjustable USB report rate 125/ 500/ 1000 Hz.
  • Cable Length: 2m / 6.6 ft.

Positive Aspects

It is really lightweight.
It has 7 buttons, which allows it to have gamer functions.
Its price is really cheap.
Goes very well with FPS games


This mouse, although aesthetically it looks like any non-gamer mouse, offers very promising functions, its weight is really light and its size is fine, in addition it has 7 buttons that allows you to have a better experience at game time, in addition to its buttons are designed with the same materials as any decent gamer mouse, in order to make this mouse last a long time, I really recommend this mouse, if you don’t want to spend a lot on this kind of product.